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One Tone Cream

Natural skin lightening cream for an even tone.

The Summer Cream
No marks - No Shades - No Patches
Single tone of skin

Ecosense one tone cream is the lightest cream yet making it perfect for all Seasons. We call it the “Summer Cream”. Based on miracle herbs like Neem, Aloe, Jojoba, holy basil and natural healer turmeric And natural enricher wheat germ oil (natural vitamin E) along with Nano Lpd lightening serum in a light cream base.

Neem, aloevera, holy basil, turmeric, jojoba all work together to give your skin the radiance your skin deserves.

For dark circles, Shaded patches on skin, all kinds of marks on skin.

Very light cream, Perfect for hot weather conditions, we call it

The Summer Cream

Skin Fair Cream

Natural skin whitening cream

Original research product

Care - Lightening - Whitening
angel fair

Natural skin whitening cream with rare botanical complex of Provi White,Neem, Jojoba, Aloe Vera,Wheat Germ with Natural Vitamin E.

Neem, Aloe, Vitamin E care for your skin and provide natural radiance for a perfect looking skin.