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Neem | Aloe | Jojoba

7 in 1

Personal Waxing kit

  1. Before-Wax Lotion
  2. Talc
  3. Herbal Wax
  4. After-Wax Gel
  5. Waxing Strips
  6. Spatula
  7. Towel

Benefits of Waxing :

Applying warm wax to the skin causes the pores to expand so hair is released painlessly with ease. Every time hair is pulled out with wax, a new papilla (the bulb on the bottom of hair follicle) needs to form, so hair takes longer to re-grow. Additionally, consistently removing hair from the root causes papilla regeneration to weaken, so hair will grow back softer and finer.

Why Personal Waxing Kit

To ensure waxing is done with best hygiene standards in order to avoid infection. Doing it personally at the convenience of your home ensures everything is clean. You are not exposed to unhygienic common public area like salon/parlour. You can do it at your convenient time and pace.

How to use home waxing kit

  1. Before-Wax Lotion : Spray the before-wax lotion on the area to be waxed. This removes moisturizing creams, surface bacteria and perspiration. Towel dry the area.
  2. Talc : After using before-wax lotion, sprinkle talc to make the area completely dry for ease of waxing.
  3. Wax : Heat the wax in a warmer or in hot water in a utensil. Keep it warm till wax has melted. Do not heat the wax container directly on a burner. Apply the warm wax to the skin with the spatula.
  4. Waxing strip : Place waxing strip over applied wax and press it slightly. Pull the waxing strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After pulling the strip, gentle hand pressure can be applied to minimize discomfort.
  5. After-Wax Gel : The gel contains neem, aloe vera, jojoba and glycerine which soothes and refreshes the skin by restoring moisture, minimizing heat and preventing swelling.
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